The legalization of the beneficial uses of Cannabis is one of the largest projects currently open in Morocco, a country known for the wealth and development of cannabis agriculture which remained illegal for centuries, and whose enormous potential is capable of revolutionizing the cannabis industry on a global scale.

It is with this in mind , that the Moroccan consultative association for the uses of cannabis was created to support the end of the law (currently approved by parliament) and provide its expertise for all stakeholders in the sector in order to promote this flourishing and very promising sector.

AMC Cannabis brings together some of the brightest scientific and legal experts in the cannabis industry and its derivatives with a particular focus on:

- Provide the necessary expertise for all parties to ensure a safe take-off in this sector

-Find out and develop the enormous investment potentials in Morocco in the cannabis industry

-Produce and promote quality scientific work

-Value the national product and facilitate the integration of public and private investments

- Enlightenment of the general public on the beneficial uses of cannabis, thus combating prejudices and misconceptions.

-Constitute a common space for exchange between science and academia on the one hand , and investors and farmers on the other.

upcoming congress

-1st International Congress scheduled for October 15, 16, 17 in Tangier under the theme "Therapeutic and industrial potential of Cannabis in Morocco".

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