Since its creation, the AMCUC has not ceased to undertake various punctual and targeted actions in order to scientifically support the efforts of the Government of King Mohammed VI, may God glorify him, in order to set up various applications of an economic and social nature for the exploitation of the cultivation of Cannabis in the Kingdom for therapeutic and medical purposes.

It is in this context that we organized the first Moroccan congress on the use of cannabis derivatives on May 21 and 22 in Tangier. This widely publicized nationally and internationally forum also included a scientific study visit to some cannabis cultivation areas in collaboration with many institutions interested in the exploitation and development of the use of this medicinal plant.

On this occasion, the AMCUC also initiated a detailed survey of a representative population, which led to revealing clues both in terms of regulations and the medical and recreational use of cannabis derivatives.

The interest and enthusiasm generated by these initiatives allow us to bring our work to the international stage by participating in this important and prestigious forum "CANNABIS CONFERENCE" which will take place in Las Vegas in August 2021 in the presence of more than five one hundred researchers, industrialists and professionals in the sector on an international scale.

The presence of our country at this important event, beyond the symbolism of our participation, will allow, among other things, to learn about the various international studies and experiences accumulated in various fields dedicated to cannabis and its derivatives.

This opportunity will also make it possible to forge relations of exchange and cooperation and to launch the invitation to the address of the main international companies present, including those of America and Canada, leaders in the field, with a view to to promote our next international congress that we plan to organize in Tangier in October 2021.

upcoming congress

-1st International Congress scheduled for October 15, 16, 17 in Tangier under the theme "Therapeutic and industrial potential of Cannabis in Morocco".

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